Nikolaos Tsilsavidis

Iconography, paintings and mosaic art

K. N. Tsilsavvidis’ Hagiography Atelier started its creative course in the field of iconographic art in 1960. Having covered a long course of artistic work and research for more than 50 years, it carries on the tradition and is now being represented by Nikolaos K. Tsilsavvidis.

In the process of artistic creation the main objective is to achieve a work of high artistic value, which will be transpired by the theological principles that support the evolution of this art form which constitutes the visual medium of expression of Christianity.

The profound and long-lasting study of the religious art, which spreads upon all the painting periods and styles, had as a fruit the elaboration of large-scale projects tied with the historical identity of the respective places they are designed for. We can mention, among others, the creation of works that covers historically the styles from the Roman times until the 19th century concerning the range of techniques that were developed in the eastern as well as in the western tradition.

The production of the artistic work extends over a wide range of applications, in terms of techniques and media as well as of styles.

The constant and persistent effort of all the partners focuses on a professionally reliable presence in combination with an artistically complete work.

In the whole endeavor of collaboration of a group of people with various skills and competences, we should also add the inestimable contribution of Father Cyril Obeid, who, in his presence and with his offer, supported and pushed the overall work forward as a counsellor and collaborator.